Glenda Soto-Gomez


Your Lips

This passion is brimming over us,

The anticipation of suffering is breaking me apart as it did with you long ago,

And the doubts come and go,

Reaffirming if you are.

Looking him up, take this pain away from me My LORD,

Inevitably is going to occur

And I’ll accept the truth about you and me.

One canvas under construction,

A painting I made,

Your smile and lips were there,

A request you made,

My love, why do you want to take the piece I’ve created if I want to have you in my Eden,

If you want to take me to your Heaven, let me keep your feet on the ground.

Its title became

A number I recognize

Your Lips, signed by me

Thank you for Reading!

From My Version of Him, Between Heaven & Earth, 100 Poems. Your Lips © Glenda Soto-Gomez

About Me

Hola, I’m Glenda! A thinker, writer, poetess and songwriter. My dedicated rhapsodies are built-in of three parts that consist in a Devotion, Sensuality and Irrational emotions or thoughts based on the tones, words and the visions that inspire me at dawn and dusk.

My writing is mere based in inspiration of visions, thoughts, emotions and passions for life and love.


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