Glenda Soto-Gomez


Trenches (Not for thou understanding)

Hey, thou

Digging the wall;

Barbed wires;

Broken walls


Wz a Dr


Irrational not;

It was I and II,

And now is the III;

Clear drops of water,

I see the rain

Falling on thou face


Digging a trench

I can’t explain;

Seems like a toy;

Hey, thou

Green, Beige, Black and White

Blue and I don’t know maybe a red belt?


But, remember what was told,

A and R

Seems like a video game, oh no

Grey sky,

Linear way,

Fireworks during the day


Such a vivid day,

In the trenches of a hidden place;

Eh, whoa,

Gathering feelings,

Eyes of love

Touching souls



I can’t explain;

Such a vivid pain

Walking in the darkest place,

It’s one you don’t know

But I certainly don’t play


So long

I dug, deeply inside

Of my skin and soul;


Understanding no;

It’s only in thou mindset, but you already kissed me


Letting go and

Winning the game


Glenda Soto-Gomez



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