Glenda Soto-Gomez


The Dreams

Body figures intertwine
A woman with short hair in a white shirt, she has a serious look

A guy in black and white suit, black hair and well groomed looking in disbelief
Sir, your eyes make no sense but be careful, don’t be greedy!

The Lady in makeup smelling the flower in my garden.
It was fuchsia, I said in a gentle voice.

From an unknown era, a lady is wearing a white gown to sleep.

Finally, I cross darkness and I see him lying down on a bench
Uncovering his chest to me
The room and its walls are bared like us
As we look at each other eye’s, oh, oh, oh

There’s one thin guy wearing sunglasses,
Why are you covering your eyes? I know your hair style.

A girl in lipstick, she is happy when she sees the bared wall covered in pink.

Near the lower white fence of my garden,
A lady crossing her feets, she wears ankle boots and wears a white gown dress like the unknown era of while ago,

There are movements at a distance and I can’t say anything here, they don’t belong to me but I am happy for them.

There are a white wide lower stairs leveled to the floor and the background is blue, the one staring at there, his eyes are wide open and can’t believe, he looks at me and he can’t say a word, I say to him: “I am so happy to see you here”

The girl with dyed red hair is looking down and sad, packing her things, she sees her boyfriend wearing boots without socks. Girl, he is so uncomfortable! I know how you feel.

And again the girl in lipstick can’t stop looking at the bared wall,
She can’t stopped her happiness.

There are more from different backgrounds and they invite more to see.

What’s going on here?
It seems like a dream but no, it happens to be

All those girls in a white gown dress that came and played on the green pasture of my garden, their dresses became green with pink flowers blooming!

It’s time for me to sleep, I might see you then my darling but before let me say, I was listening to the song “The Dream by David Sanborn” in saxophone. My lover, tell me what was the song you were listening to when I was looking for you between The Dreams of the World?

Sweet dreams!

P. S. Some are trying to walk without being notice on the stairs holding the rails but the blue light of the background lights up and they’re discovered.

Glenda Soto-Gomez



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