Glenda Soto-Gomez


The and Those

The and Those,

In this irrational night,
Broken visions come and go

Those Icy lands
Can’t submerge in synergies
And as a globe in the sky flies high

The, it trespasses on the trunk part of Those
But when The and Those land on the big tree,
The, It stays behind of Those
Alarms sound far away

And The, came over to see Those eyes closer,
As Those eyes are awakening
to Those that don’t want to become,
Eyes leave behind small doses
Of Those that don’t serve well

Different eyes are wide open
Walking through the light
There’s no shame to show the naked part
Of being alive and what it is hidden inside
Of The and Those
That are dying pathless without being a part of Those eyes of The Heart

Glenda Soto-Gomez




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