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Suggested Habits

With the situation that is happening around the world , we need to keep our minds and bodies healthy.

Being isolated for a couple of weeks or months, makes us feel tired and frustrated. To stop this, we have to find healthy boundaries that allow us to keep us in balance, our mind is important and our body more as well.

Begin to change your eating habits, I know we are at home and some are going to be waking up late but breakfast is important, and now that we are at home, a light meal during the day will be better.

If you cannot walk outside then you can make your house a mini walking track arena where you can use every little space or room in your house to walk, which will help you to digest the food better and keep your mind busy.

For the exercise lovers, I know you will find anything to build up those muscles again and being at home won’t stop you.

Don’t make quarantine affect you or find excuses of “I don’t have time, I cannot do it now, the gym is closed” We have more time now than ever. The future is now. Don’t waste it.

You don’t need the gym. Just find a place at home and start building those muscles. If you have problems thinking about what exercise will be better for you. Go to play store for Android or App Store for iOS and get a fitness app. There are some good apps, they give you tips and different kinds of exercises that you can practice. Be self-disciplined and consistent in your routine and you will make it.

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If you have some fruits, use them in your favor to make healthier desserts for the kids or yourself or simply eat the fruit itself just don’t forget to wash it first before eating it. Avoid sweets like candies and junk food as much as you can.

I heard jokes about it but in a little joke, there is always truth. The state of mind and the situation right now, make some people forget about healthy choices.

Drink a lot of fluid, water especially that will keep you hydrated. Use the quarantine time for your advantage to think and do something productive.

Avoid those virus movies and end of the world related movies. You need to keep your mind on something that is not related to COVID-19. Don’t worry about Hollywood, I am pretty sure they will do a new big movie about the current circumstance when everything goes back to normal.

Why not watch something different? You can choose Family Friendly movies or PG movies(that are not violent nor horror related) to put your mind on something else.

Most of us have kids, be aware that whatever you’re watching your kids will be there and observe, be wise of what you watch and where you watch it.

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