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I admire the beauty of this man’s poems and his thoughts about spirituality.

I am an eternal romantic and this time I will share some of the poems this great man created to enjoy them and fall in love with myself.

Defeated By Love – Rumi

What is spiritual maturity? 

1. It’s when we stop trying to change others and focus on moving.

2. It is when we accept people as they are.

3. It is when we understand that all are successful according to their own perspective.

4. It is when you learn to “LET IT GO”.

5. It is when we are not able to have “expectations” in a relationship, and we give our expectations for the pleasure of giving ourselves.

6. It is when we understand that what we do, we do for our own peace.

7. It’s when you don’t need to show the world how clever you are.

8. It is when we don’t need to seek the acceptance of others.

9. It is when we stop comparing ourselves to others.

10. It is when you are at peace with yourself.

11. Spiritual Maturity is when we can distinguish between “need” and “wanting”  …

12. Spiritual maturity is when we don’t have link between happiness and material things.

By Rumi

Bad Dreams by Rumi

The Temple of Love

The temple of love is not love itself;
True love is the treasure,
Not the walls about it.
Do not admire the decoration,
But involve yourself in the essence,
The perfume that invades and touches you
The beginning and the end.
Discovered, this replace all else,
The apparent and the unknowable.
Time and space are slaves to this presence.

Jellaluddin Rumi

The Guest House

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