Glenda Soto-Gomez


Romantic Comedy

But let me tell you, as much I like to speak with him

He said:

“Regardless of those who do not allow me to say the truth, they just like to have fun, stay with me”

“Life is a Romantic Comedy, You are mine” He added

It has been a difficult time but I have been trying to understand this ethereal love

That has just rebelled with me

He is a kindred spirit,

The one,

The one,

The one,

that you meet in unusual circumstances,

The one who takes your breath away and give you the power to accept what life brings you,

He is Unique, My love

His heart swells with pride,

Beautiful smile,




Dress well,


My Hero

As a ray of light in the sky that follows you wherever you go, I fall for you,

The wind blows and touch your face delivering a kiss I have sent you,

I found myself crying and in shocked when I found out the truth,

But one more time,

As long as I live,

I will be with him,

The truth needs to be,

Because The Verb says,

Without him, I am nothing

It does not matter how many times, I keep repeating the saying,

Oh, oh, oh

Tu ru tu ru

I think of you,

How will my life be without you?

But also wonder

How will my life be in heaven with you?

Why did you come to me?

Why did you wake me up?

The one who understands,

I cannot stop dreaming of you, I love you

Oh, oh this ethereal spirit

So beautiful His Name,

A new day has just begun,

You have won my heart and mind,

My soul is for you,

Glenda Soto-Gomez



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