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Reality or Fantasy

In the amid of Coronavirus, it seems everything is going back to normal. Some businesses are reopening and some decided to wait until it is safe for them and let the public come out.

Most of us that can not work at home if our employers decided to close for an undefined time or worse to let us go, we will have to find other options and pray that you can find something as you were doing before or you will have to choose whatever is on demand.

For those that can work remotely, be grateful you have a job and no need to worry about your income.

With this being said, it doesn’t matter if you have or not a job, either way you have the chance to do something new.

The most important thing now is to be healthy, you need to take care of yourself and your loved ones in a responsible manner and look for ways to earn some extra money, reinventing yourself and creating something for the future in case of another situation like we had been through for the past 3 months.

Hey at least we had the chance to take time to reflect on what we have been doing with our lives and decided what changes to make or not to do anything at all. In the end, it’s our choice.

We might say, “finally I am going to see my boss, coworkers, and that hateful coworker I never get along with but I miss him/her.”

This is a good moment to say “I’m grateful for my life, my family, my job, my boss, coworkers, my country, and the world.”

People seem to talk a lot but don’t act on it, for example: “Let’s save the planet!” Yet not doing anything

Live your dream, fight for what you want without being rude to the others, be accountable for your actions and make an effort to love yourself and others because with respect comes love if you respect you love and when you do it you’ll receive that love back in return. Perhaps not when you want it to but later on it will.

Give and love without expecting something in return and there will be a higher chance to get something in return.

I hope this situation makes us learn to be open-minded, more emphatic to the world around us and a better person.

Stay safe and healthy.

Love is patient, Love is kind

Love is patient, Love is kind

It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.

It does not dishonor others,

it is not self-seeking,

it is not easily angered,

it keeps no record of wrongs.

Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth.

It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

Love never fails.

1 Corinthians 13:4-8

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Hola, I’m Glenda! A thinker, writer, poetess and songwriter. My dedicated rhapsodies are built-in of three parts that consist in a Devotion, Sensuality and Irrational emotions or thoughts based on the tones, words and the visions that inspire me at dawn and dusk.

My writing is mere based in inspiration of visions, thoughts, emotions and passions for life and love.


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