Glenda Soto-Gomez


Original Design

You and I,

An Original design,

Black suit with a Navy blue royal shirt, and Celestial slate blue color like mystical dress,

An Original design,

Pay attention to life, slow down,

An Original design,

Restored eyes, no inhibitions, getting closer, we smile at each other.

An Original design,

A lot are called, few are chosen,

An Original design,

The stars will shut down, the night become day, stairs of cloud will drop from heaven,

You are getting down with a celestial guard, to received an award,

Strong and eternal like the gold.

My prize will be your arriving,

In front of a crowd, we kneel down together and you place a kiss on my shoulder.

Our hands are engaged, You are wearing a ring on your finger and I am wearing a necklace, both are engraved with your name.

An Original design, Holy,

Two hearts,

An Original design, Spiritual.

No physical change, only a name,

We will be consumed into the holy place, an original design.

One kingdom, two hearts, a whole universe alive lifting you up.

All the man I need, purifying our hearts, joining in one original design.

Glenda Soto-Gomez



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