Glenda Soto-Gomez

Rhapsodies, Poetry and Something else.

My Beloved Intruder

How come you came to my window,
Hidden there,
Asking me to let you in,
In agony, I saw you suffering,
In misery.

Hiding your face from everybody,
Worrying about me not allowing you in my heart,
And I did the same,

Hiding from you behind the other side of the window
to see your face,
And your eyes revealed to me.

My madness became such
that I loved you
like a mere mortal.

To the world, you are a story in a book,
To me, you are freedom.

You are the Beginning and the End,
The Alpha and Omega,
The First and The Last,
And the one who is coming,

You are My Love and My Everything,
My Sun and My Day,
My Moon and My Evening,
My World,
The Thief who Stole my Heart.

Glenda Soto-Gomez