Glenda Soto-Gomez


Love inside (Amar por dentro)

A fifty thousand times I said I love you,
But they weren’t enough,
Then I built my love in silence,
But I showed you with facts,
Even though you didn’t get that I love you inside,
What a frustration!

And just when I decided to leave you,
And build myself and my foundations,
You came back to your knees,
Begging me love yelling inside,
What an innuendo!

Oh my heart,
Now, what do I do?
If I already left,
Leaving a breathless lifetime,
Now I live with a love without a time limit,
That one who gave me back the desire
And a love inside

Cincuenta mil veces,
Te dije Te amo,
Pero no fueron suficiente,
Entonces las convertí en silencio,
Pero te lo demostre con hechos,
Aún asi no captaste mi deseo de amarte por dentro,
Que molesto!

Y justo cuando decidí dejarte,
Y dedicarme a mis cimientos,
Regresaste arrodillandote,
Pidiendome amor gritando por dentro,
Que inuendo!

Y ahora qué hago yo?
Si ya me fuí,
Dejando toda una vida sin aliento,
Ahora yo vivo de un amor sin limite de tiempo,
Aquel que me devolvió el deseo
Y el amor por dentro

Thank you for Reading! 🌹

From 300 In The Privacy of The Time, Into The Unknown. Love Inside (Amar por Dentro) © Glenda Soto-Gomez

About Me

Hola, I’m Glenda! A thinker, writer, poetess and songwriter. My dedicated rhapsodies are built-in of three parts that consist in a Devotion, Sensuality and Irrational emotions or thoughts based on the tones, words and the visions that inspire me at dawn and dusk.

My writing is mere based in inspiration of visions, thoughts, emotions and passions for life and love.


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