Glenda Soto-Gomez

Rhapsodies, Poetry and Something else.

Look for me

It was a dark day and I was near to a garden, I saw some people I have never seen before,

While I was walking around I recognized one of them, she was wearing sandals, I approached to her because it looked she needs me, and she was giving me directions.

I was pleased to see the flowers blooming, and watching to the horizon, it looks promising.

A mysterious guy appeared from nowhere in a bicycle wearing a white hoodie with blue stripes, as usual no face to show.

He passed by my side really fast without hurting me, but I noticed he was speeding up.

I asked my man once more, show yourself, my love. Who was this man?

My man replied, you know who I am. Keep looking for me, you are getting closer.

Then I asked again, where else do you want me to look for you? I have been looking for you in every place and in every person.

I am everywhere, My love added.

And I asked myself, What other place do I need to look for? I have been so wrong. There’s one place I am missing but it is so far from me. It is his land, and my body answered me with a yes.

I have my plans but is my Lord who decide what it is going to happen.

As always, I was confused then I asked, can you tell me are you one of those men or are you a different kind of man?

“I am one of a kind” and he reaffirmed, keep looking for me.

I will still looking for your face, and I will find you, my LORD.

Glenda Soto-Gomez