Glenda Soto-Gomez

Rhapsodies, Poetry and Something else.

Lift up

What it appears to be a written star, came to be number one in the sky.

In a huge advertisement, from a higher level, each word was organized in a frame.

Distance from him or distance from a situation?

I am afraid to talk about him, maybe he does not like it when I talk about him or

He does not like it when I get involved in things that can hurt me.

So that one day, I stayed far from everything.

These things suddenly become and trigger what one fears or hates.

When I tried to get far from him, my worst fear came.

Heavy breathing, overthinking, crying, and emotional pain.

Healing the pain with Him, he is subtle, requited love, and passionate.

One part of me desires Him, the other said No, because of who He is.

Not because I don’t want Him, but because of His holiness.

And He immediately answers me.

I feel His presence within me, around me, and I come back to Him.

He wants me with him, for him, close to the truth, staying far from what the world loves.

I Lift Him Up!

Your Name is allowed to be in my mind and heart.

Visible for me to see,

Audible for me to hear,

Palpable for me to touch,

Saying it out loud, where it most matters, within me.

And my wish will finally come true,

My lips will pronounce your Name close to yours and we will dance to our favorite song,

You will sway with me.

I Lift You Up!

Glenda Soto-Gomez