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With so many games to play, we choose one to enjoy for the day. It is very educational, if you don’t like the name you can be creative and choose variations of it, and you can play with more than two people.

This time it was time to play the popular board game, hangman. A person thinks of a word, illustrated by dashes and every time you say a letter that is not in the word, the other person draws a man and rushes you to try to guess the right letter to not be hanged or the game is over.

As it lets you think and have fun, it allows the little ones to learn how to write letters and words with the help of the older brother or mom.

It was my turn to guess and my preschooler started to draw the head of a stick man, the word she thought was a nine-letter word, that she made up herself and we had to explain to her how the game works, so we started over.

Back to the game, we guessed words like: “Time, Bear, Shadow, Day, Car, Kitty, Burger, Heart, Rat, Cat, and Poop.” Very interesting, the last word I listed there, you could buy some toilet paper for it! Oh, wait…where did it all go?

Make sure to include hints about the word, which makes it more entertaining.

To enjoy the time together, and have our minds busy, we play at least one or two different games every day and I also included the youngest one to exercise, she agreed to that.

We played a game that my daughter created, it’s called “Escape the teacher.” She draws a maze and has some obstacles around for the student to hide, then the teacher tries to locate the student. It’s like hide and seek but using a whiteboard. You use different Expo dry erase markers to draw the attention of the other player.

For the preschoolers, we have some blocks of different colors, medium-size and they can build things with them. My little one loves to build buildings, towers and houses. I love legos so I build whatever comes into my mind.

For the older kids, there is Roblox, Minecraft, Fortnite, and depending on the console you have whatever they love to play. We have a Nintendo Switch so my boy loves to play Super Mario Bros and other games. It’s a great game for everyone but I don’t like to play it, He invited me to play with him the other day and I said no because I’m always screaming and worrying about falling. He is waiting for Pikmin 4 to be released for this version but they haven’t and it has been almost 5 years, that is on development for the time.

You can buy console games at the Nintendo game store and download them from there or if you want the physical game go to your favorite store when we are out of quarantine or better yet, buy them online.

The idea is that they enjoy the games but at the same time that for them to use their imagination to create things and that have minor violence.

It was fun, less technology time, we relaxed and enjoyed the time to feed our souls. I wonder, what will be the next game we’re going to play?

Photo by Glenda Soto-Gomez, My daughter playing with a cereal box.

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