Glenda Soto-Gomez

Rhapsodies, Poetry and Something else.

His Name

My life in offering for my love,

I look for his eyes everywhere,

He gave me a present, a lovely gift I have received

I love him everyday

He is supernatural,

I have seen his heart and I love him, as He has touched mine, I have touched his

I love him everyday

His word is confidence,

There is authority in his name.

He is true love,

I love him everyday

His name,

His name,

His name,

I love him everyday

His name is in the verse he gave me… Repeated as much as I want, it is sweet as he is with me

Between heaven and earth, I am

And he shows up to me in his own unique way to save me

His name is every time I ask who he is

His name, my favorite question I have for him.

Glenda Soto-Gomez

3 responses to “His Name”

  1. Absolutely beautiful.

    1. Thank you Jeff! 😊

      1. You’re most welcome, Glenda. Always! ☺️