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Distance Learning started on Monday and my kids are acting a bit more silly or maybe they had too much chocolate.

Distance learning looks fine. I have to be the teacher for one of them and the other one does his projects by himself.

It’s incredible how productive we can be at home, my kids are doing very well with their school assignments and they even follow their regular routine or they try. A big thanks to the schools and teachers that are trying hard to keep us informed and up to date with our kid’s needs from distance.

As for today, they got an extension so now they will be at home for the next two weeks.

But not everything is about learning, we have to be creative to prevent boredom and one of them is doing PE, but sitting on the sofa. And he makes jokes about him meditating, he does it by trying to mimic the sounds of tribal music and putting his hands like he’s praying.

The youngest one always gets us distracted by a mini unicorn plush that when you press a button on it, it starts walking and it starts to neigh. She rides it from one side to the other and makes your day bright with all her adventures(except her brother). 

Everything is fine when they both are peaceful, and play together but oh lord! When they upset each other that’s when I have to enter like a referee and sometimes I just let them be so they can tolerate themselves and continue whatever they are arguing about.

I have to say I get happy seeing them act silly. They make me feel like everything is not that bad.

We are in our home going from room to room, and occasionally we go outside.


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2 responses to “Homeschooling”

  1. Kids let us forget all this unbelievable time.

  2. They sure do. They love to be at home with mom and dad, the challenge is keeping them busy.

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