Glenda Soto-Gomez


Epic Rhapsody 2nd… (Randomly selected)

Dark blue on the firmament,

There is a whole universe,

Wild figures flying

Fighting for love,

Between the thin layer

Of the spectrum

A brave heart

 Introduced himself,

Hello, Señorita,

Let me say that I’ve been loving you

All my life

The Last of The Braves

He winks and hold my elbows

In anticipation

Cherish my hair,

Letting his hand fall

On my back


© Glenda Soto-Gomez

About Me

Hola, I’m Glenda! A thinker, writer, poetess and songwriter. My dedicated rhapsodies are built-in of three parts that consist in a Devotion, Sensuality and Irrational emotions or thoughts based on the tones, words and the visions that inspire me at dawn and dusk.

My writing is mere based in inspiration of visions, thoughts, emotions and passions for life and love.


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