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  • Immortal


    He says: “I AM who I AM” “And I AM here again” My love is back, I can breath again Yahweh, Oh, Oh His Name, His Name Courage love, Here you come Drums will start, The violin plays a long note for him Angels I can see from earth to your place His Name, His […]

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  • Deep


    Quick, quick Fine to the touch, Unbreakable within, One of the 5455 wounds, I am waiting for heaven to open its doors, You let me in. So do I, And because I can’t hold this wound anymore Oh Sunshine come And I will quickly love, Oh so deep is our love, In a state of […]

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  • 1-300 BC Underlined

    1-300 BC Underlined

    A man was sitting on a sidewalk cleaning his wound and dirtiness, He looked up to see me, and I saw him What are you doing? I asked confused An overgrowth scar was on his rib, already healed but dirty and he was cleaning it around, He answered: I am cleaning myself a little with […]

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  • Supernatural Whisper

    Supernatural Whisper

    I was sitting around flowers and plants, when a sweet voice whispered in my ear. His sweet voice said: “I am your peace, put your trust in me, and your heart.” My heart replied to him: I feel your presence around and within me, You are all what I need. His continuous whispering, said: “I […]

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  • Time and Love (For the love of the Prince of Peace)

    Time and Love (For the love of the Prince of Peace)

    Time after time, I have been looking for you, in every way outside and inside. How do I breath without you, there’s not love, there’s not hope in my life. You are giving me everything I need but you, the only I want. Oh, how I miss your eyes. The way you stared at me, […]

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  • Please You

    Please You

    The one I love makes my heart jump of happiness and sweetness. The one I love gives me butterflies in my stomach and bring peace in my mind. The one I love makes me look for his face and word. The one I love is bigger in size than my living room, and the office […]

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  • My King

    My King

    🌷 A Cloudy day was, dispersing everything around, I vividly saw you from afar, You conquered death, Times passes, and I haven’t heard your voice, But in my mind and heart, your presence stay, Another restless night, and you came to calm me, A voice device was attached on your neck, to talk to me, […]

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  • Bête noire and The Blessing of God

    Bête noire and The Blessing of God

    Name it as you want, it introduces itself in different ways. She came and tried to enter but I did not let her in. She is hostile, and narcissist. Taking advantage of you, She is selfish and unethical. It does not matter what you did for her, She will blame you for her faults, As […]

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  • Look for me

    Look for me

    It was a dark day and I was near to a garden, I saw some people I have never seen before, While I was walking around I recognized one of them, she was wearing sandals, I approached to her because it looked she needs me, and she was giving me directions. I was pleased to […]

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  • The Coming

    The Coming

    Stairs of clouds will drop from Heaven, Witnessing your coming, You are my soul’s desire, I will be waiting for you on the other side of that magnificent day to be together, Three alarms will sound, announcing the new era, no one else will hear them only the ones you called and those who are […]

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  • Lover Of My Soul

    Lover Of My Soul

    From the rising of the sun to its setting, I am waiting to meet my lover, The one who feels my body, The one who fulfills my heart, The one who read my mind, My precious sweet man, Jesus, Lover of my Soul, I am here for you, my love, Where are you, my LORD? […]

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  • Jesus’s Love Never Fails

    Jesus’s Love Never Fails

    In his sweet and gentle way, he spoke to me And said: The man who fails to his woman, fails to the stars, and fails to God. I am not going to fail you, I am coming to see you, My love, my wife. 🌷 Thank you for Reading! From My Version of Him, Between […]

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  • The One

    The One

    My only delight has been you,You’re in my thoughts,You’re in my heart,You made me yours. My worries have fadedbecause of you,You are the one, You kneel to talk to me,Gently and lovingly. You speak to my ear,Sweetly,Your word is honey for my lips. You’ve drawn me to youand the plans you have for both. You […]

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  • Holy Wedding

    Holy Wedding

    A bride; wearing an updo hair (no accessories) and in a beautiful, holy, feminine, white and modest wedding dress, nothing else to show, all adornments are modest. She is watching over her shoulder, her inner sanctuary. The place is surrounded by white tulips.Love enters in a white-grey tunic. He says; You are the perfect match, […]

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  • My Beloved Intruder

    My Beloved Intruder

    How come you came to my window,Hidden there,Asking me to let you in,In agony, I saw you suffering,In misery. Hiding your face from everybody,Worrying about me not allowing you in my heart,And I did the same, Hiding from you behind the other side of the windowto see your face,And your eyes revealed to me. My […]

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