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  • Predictable


    Leadership, The most social between them Roaring, A Lion is Courage, Survival skills, Solitary, Marking out its territory, A Tiger is Power, Ferocity, Facing one’s fears, Vision, A Jaguar is All of them are felines But only one is The King The one that merged here, Is above and Love is The destroyer of darkness, […]

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  • Blue Moon

    Blue Moon

    There was once a blue moon, And you couldn’t take your mind off me, I saw you wrapping me in your dreams Oh Blue Moon, Afraid of my heart, The secrets you had Were revealed to me Thank you for reading! 🌹 From 300 In The Privacy of The Time, Into The Unknown. Blue Moon […]

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  • The Retro Paint

    The Retro Paint

    Slow motion walk, Outside the darkness, Smiling, Thin shape, Confident walking, Red, orange and black tone The city that never sleeps, I can hear his giggle, Big eyes, Watching with so much attention  A paint mixture Of a retro love Thank you for Reading! 🌹 From 300 In The Privacy of The Time, Into The […]

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  • Fantasy Land

    Fantasy Land

    A Fantasy Land I tell you here,A golden throne in pink clothFor a Queen,Waiting for his queen to take chargeTrees all aroundAnd a path to fantasy land Autumn scenery in the real worldBeautiful trail but closed A Christmas tree in a corner with its lights on,Blue, gold and red ornaments,The owner seems lonely Thank you […]

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  • Your Lips

    Your Lips

    This passion is brimming over us, The anticipation of suffering is breaking me apart as it did with you long ago, And the doubts come and go, Reaffirming if you are. Looking him up, take this pain away from me My LORD, Inevitably is going to occur And I’ll accept the truth about you and […]

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  • L4 Flowers Offering

    L4 Flowers Offering

    As I taste the most sweetest words of you my pain slowly goes away, A painting was sent to me for review, There was a bunch of flowers at the end of a bed, Two more paintings were shown, not clearly for me to see, I cannot say anything here An offering but was not […]

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  • Time and Love (For the love of the Prince of Peace)

    Time and Love (For the love of the Prince of Peace)

    Time after time, I have been looking for you, in every way outside and inside. How do I breath without you, there’s not love, there’s not hope in my life. You are giving me everything I need but you, the only I want. Oh, how I miss your eyes. The way you stared at me, […]

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