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  • A Cross to Take Up

    A Cross to Take Up

    Then an angel came to meand said, the LORD wants to talk to you.I asked, when? She said soon.I asked for her name but she just smiled. The LORD came to me and said:I want for you to be without any worries.My cross to bear is the world,You are nobody’s burden,The only cross you need […]

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  • Holy Wedding

    Holy Wedding

    A bride; wearing an updo hair (no accessories) and in a beautiful, holy, feminine, white and modest wedding dress, nothing else to show, all adornments are modest. She is watching over her shoulder, her inner sanctuary. The place is surrounded by white tulips.Love enters in a white-grey tunic. He says; You are the perfect match, […]

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  • Ethereal Love

    Ethereal Love

    Two garments of like blue color, which belong to both of us. I was sitting there alone and suddenly you showed up by my side, taller than ever before. I had a lot of questions for you, one by one they were answered by you. Somehow I discovered myselfwith a demanding kiss, But I quickly […]

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  • My Beloved Intruder

    My Beloved Intruder

    How come you came to my window,Hidden there,Asking me to let you in,In agony, I saw you suffering,In misery. Hiding your face from everybody,Worrying about me not allowing you in my heart,And I did the same, Hiding from you behind the other side of the windowto see your face,And your eyes revealed to me. My […]

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  • A Queen for His Heart

    A Queen for His Heart

    I don’t need to fight to find the one,I am not the one to make that decision,The only fight is within,to conquer and improve myself. The one will come and see me,And when the two of us meet,Love will be forever. I am the one for the perfect match,If not,He will flee like a bird,Let […]

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  • My Caretaker

    My Caretaker

    It is under my skin that I feel you, I feel your love, I can touch you, I can hear your voice, so sweet, gentle and firm. It is with my mind that I lose you, You’ve been using it to manifest and reveal but I can see your vivid image and what you want […]

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  • He Will Rise Again

    He Will Rise Again

    He made the day and the night, He made you and me, and the Light was. In the darkness, we got lost. He will rise again, to be completed. Thank you for Reading! From My Version of Him, Between Heaven & Earth, 100 Poems. He Will Rise Again © Glenda Soto-Gomez Follow

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  • The Way to the Soul

    The Way to the Soul

    The sound of the soul, is the sound of silence, I can hear it, and feel it inside, In my heart deeply, The one and only, Almighty, Superior, and the Incomparable. The one who leads me where I have to go. My Love, The glory is yours, Love him is the way to love. Then […]

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  • Feelings


    Anyone who knows me well, knows I love to laugh and smile. Maybe I have to change my profile picture and put one more serious. Oh, I don’t want to feel. Nothing has changed, everything is the same. No matter how we try to approach it. We feel exhausted, thinking about how to fix this […]

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  • Rumi

    I admire the beauty of this man’s poems and his thoughts about spirituality. I am an eternal romantic and this time I will share some of the poems this great man created to enjoy them and fall in love with myself. What is spiritual maturity?  1. It’s when we stop trying to change others and […]

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  • Reality or Fantasy

    In the amid of Coronavirus, it seems everything is going back to normal. Some businesses are reopening and some decided to wait until it is safe for them and let the public come out. Most of us that can not work at home if our employers decided to close for an undefined time or worse […]

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  • New chapter

    A new chapter in my life began today. I hope this one will be amazing, filled with joy and success. I am so grateful to take bold actions to follow what I am passionate about. It was not easy but I had to do it in order to find my purpose in life. It haven’t […]

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  • The Journey Begins

    The Journey Begins

    Because life is life and not everything is about work, parties, reading, learning, seriousness and being like lost souls walking heavily underground, we have to find ways to have fun in a healthy way. Try to smile a little bit more and forget the pain one has inside the mind and heart. Do exercise, yoga, […]

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