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  • The and Those

    The and Those

    The and Those, In this irrational night, Broken visions come and go Those Icy lands Can’t submerge in synergies And as a globe in the sky flies high The, it trespasses on the trunk part of Those But when The and Those land on the big tree, The, It stays behind of Those Alarms sound […]

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  • Ghosting (Efecto Fantasma)

    A word that is too strong for me You painted in November Because my response Was too much I didn’t know What to tell you in December But in January I forgave you And I forgot The resentment Because in the end It is me and not you I am not pointing February But let […]

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  • Wailing (Lamentaciones)

    Wailing (Lamentaciones)

    Of the loss of this lament,  Oh, I wept in the darkness of the privacy of my chambers. What a moment, The madness of a sleepy summer Wanting to tear your most intimate parts inside To meet you and making wild dreams bloom raining kisses, You have left me breathless And I can’t sense the […]

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  • Love inside (Amar por dentro)

    Love inside (Amar por dentro)

    A fifty thousand times I said I love you, But they weren’t enough, Then I built my love in silence, But I showed you with facts, Even though you didn’t get that I love you inside, What a frustration! And just when I decided to leave you, And build myself and my foundations, You came […]

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  • Predictable


    Leadership, The most social between them Roaring, A Lion is Courage, Survival skills, Solitary, Marking out its territory, A Tiger is Power, Ferocity, Facing one’s fears, Vision, A Jaguar is All of them are felines But only one is The King The one that merged here, Is above and Love is The destroyer of darkness, […]

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  • Fire Night

    Fire Night

    The words you told me That broke my heart, And left me in the center of the time Were your actions in a picture of centuries ago, And you asked me why? Don’t start, Babe, you decided to play hard, Why? If in a distant world, We joint in the past, And now come back, […]

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  • Blue Moon

    Blue Moon

    There was once a blue moon, And you couldn’t take your mind off me, I saw you wrapping me in your dreams Oh Blue Moon, Afraid of my heart, The secrets you had Were revealed to me Thank you for reading! 🌹 From 300 In The Privacy of The Time, Into The Unknown. Blue Moon […]

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  • The Retro Paint

    The Retro Paint

    Slow motion walk, Outside the darkness, Smiling, Thin shape, Confident walking, Red, orange and black tone The city that never sleeps, I can hear his giggle, Big eyes, Watching with so much attention  A paint mixture Of a retro love Thank you for Reading! 🌹 From 300 In The Privacy of The Time, Into The […]

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  • The Yellow Rose

    The Yellow Rose

    And what if the party stopped, Yellow Bright Dress, Classic black suit, His eyes meets mine, He kneels down before me and speaks to my ear, You look tired, he says I smile, Time to go home, he adds His jacket on my soul, Throwing flowers as I walk, One on my hand, A yellow […]

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  • Dance at Heart (Baile al Corazón)

    Dance at Heart (Baile al Corazón)

    Dianthus Feelings of love, affection, gratitude and admiration. One thousand explosions Of this heart, His mind exploded Of love, My soul exacerbated In an Irish melody, And now you oh oh Let me think about it, Even if you don’t want, Let me try, We fight in a Roman Coliseum, And you give up Desiring, […]

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  • One More Time (Una Vez Más)

    One More Time (Una Vez Más)

    Snapdragons “Strength, Grace, Truth-Telling, Overcome Challenge” When isolation is all that is left, And you are what you never thought of, When your sight gets lost in the distance, And discreetness becomes lust, When you wonder why you lose yourself, And you look inside to find you again, In the final border of an intoxicating […]

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  • The Miracle Number? (El Milagro Número?

    The Miracle Number? (El Milagro Número?

    In the privacy of my dreams, The voice of a woman I heard And she said: “Can you please save my daughter as you did before?” I hesitated, and responded to her: I did not do anything, But let me transfer the prayer To the one above, He will do better what I can’t My […]

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  • Bared Soul (Alma Desnuda)

    Bared Soul (Alma Desnuda)

    Photo by Glenda Soto-Gomez “Pink Petunia: Womanly, Gentleness, Compassionate, Love, Motherly” – Austin Texas My love I will bare my soul In a way they’ve never seen me I’ll let you know my deepest details I will bare my soul For you to see me In plants, flowers, and time I will bare my soul […]

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  • Mirror Me

    Mirror Me

    A fresh soul, Mirrors me, Cold on earth, Warm in heaven, Connected, What is in heaven, is on earth, I don’t know what my soul thinks, But I feel its warm presence,  My soul reads my mind, I think, I see, I read, Mirrors me, Quiet my soul stays in front of me, But it […]

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  • Sansevieria


    Beautiful is Sword-like leaves Healthy glorious green Protecting with O2 🌿 How sad I was to find out One of you was turning yellow at the tips Water has not been your thing But some times it needs to be 🌧 I am glad that I saw you on time To care for your leaves […]

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