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  • Resurrection

    In a bad and cruel world, and the worst moment in 2020, I created one of my most favorite books in collaboration with the one. Here is a part of it. I hope you enjoy it as much as I wrote it. Thank you for Reading as always, Blessings! It was night when he took […]

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  • Alive


    Remember those days, The rhythm goes and goes And as nothing is perfect Here we go, looking for answers It comes through Him, Let everything flow, And oh oh yeah, Come alive for you and me Faith, mercy, presence, Oh His Glory Trusting in The One above Alive Let me hug you, only for you […]

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  • Our Most Sweetest Verses

    Our Most Sweetest Verses

    If I can compose the most sweetest verses, Those will be for you, My LORD, You deserve my love as much as I deserve yours, I am worthy of your presence, And You worth more than anything, Like honey my verses taste your lips, And your mouth tells me, All what my heart and my […]

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  • Immortal


    He says: “I AM who I AM” “And I AM here again” My love is back, I can breath again Yahweh, Oh, Oh His Name, His Name Courage love, Here you come Drums will start, The violin plays a long note for him Angels I can see from earth to your place His Name, His […]

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  • The Tones for Love

    The Tones for Love

    Two long canvas that cover my wall, size of a door, They have the colours of love, One covered with blood, the other with honor, They are always covering my back , At my right, The Lamb, At my left, His Name, The black fedora hat they gave me, guards my mind, The piano guides […]

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  • Divine Guidance

    Divine Guidance

    Fedora Black Hat, I let my hair down, White V-neck batwings sleeve tee and blue jeans, As I was dancing this psychedelic soul melody song alone, In my living room He came over and kissed my lips, We danced til the end of the day, Tension was in between heaven and earth, Dark night landscape, […]

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  • Romantic Comedy

    Romantic Comedy

    But let me tell you, as much I like to speak with him He said: “Regardless of those who do not allow me to say the truth, they just like to have fun, stay with me” “Life is a Romantic Comedy, You are mine” He added It has been a difficult time but I have […]

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  • L4 Flowers Offering

    L4 Flowers Offering

    As I taste the most sweetest words of you my pain slowly goes away, A painting was sent to me for review, There was a bunch of flowers at the end of a bed, Two more paintings were shown, not clearly for me to see, I cannot say anything here An offering but was not […]

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  • Chosen Sweet Melody

    Chosen Sweet Melody

    Two fine linen garments, black plain and clean, His impeccable Classic Suit Style, My fine dress cowl neck, back slit, cuffed 3/4 sleeves, Giving an inspiring feel, Being separate but connected, facing each other over right shoulder, in each other’s arms, Holding right hands, Feeling your hand on my shoulder, Resting mine on your heart, […]

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  • A Heart’s Desire

    A Heart’s Desire

    A heart’s desire, playing a note in a saxophone, Red rose, symphony A composition of love, Filling two hearts in one, Petals on my floor, Candles blown by the wind, letting go any sadness from my door, Let it rain, Let The Heavens open A brave heart, two source of lights in the sky, soul […]

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  • Earth


    As subtle is a lullaby, you appeared and lull me to sleep, As gently autumn transition to winter, you have entered into my life slowly, Cold mornings, with your presence make my day, Hour by hour passes warming me up with your finesse, Giving me the beautiful colours of the leaves falling off the trees, […]

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  • His Name

    His Name

    My life in offering for my love, I look for his eyes everywhere, He gave me a present, a lovely gift I have received I love him everyday He is supernatural, I have seen his heart and I love him, as He has touched mine, I have touched his I love him everyday His word […]

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  • 1-300 BC Underlined

    1-300 BC Underlined

    A man was sitting on a sidewalk cleaning his wound and dirtiness, He looked up to see me, and I saw him What are you doing? I asked confused An overgrowth scar was on his rib, already healed but dirty and he was cleaning it around, He answered: I am cleaning myself a little with […]

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  • Supernatural Whisper

    Supernatural Whisper

    I was sitting around flowers and plants, when a sweet voice whispered in my ear. His sweet voice said: “I am your peace, put your trust in me, and your heart.” My heart replied to him: I feel your presence around and within me, You are all what I need. His continuous whispering, said: “I […]

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  • Time and Love (For the love of the Prince of Peace)

    Time and Love (For the love of the Prince of Peace)

    Time after time, I have been looking for you, in every way outside and inside. How do I breath without you, there’s not love, there’s not hope in my life. You are giving me everything I need but you, the only I want. Oh, how I miss your eyes. The way you stared at me, […]

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