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  • The Miracle Number? (El Milagro Número?

    The Miracle Number? (El Milagro Número?

    In the privacy of my dreams, The voice of a woman I heard And she said: “Can you please save my daughter as you did before?” I hesitated, and responded to her: I did not do anything, But let me transfer the prayer To the one above, He will do better what I can’t My […]

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  • Bared Soul (Alma Desnuda)

    Bared Soul (Alma Desnuda)

    Photo by Glenda Soto-Gomez “Pink Petunia: Womanly, Gentleness, Compassionate, Love, Motherly” – Austin Texas My love I will bare my soul In a way they’ve never seen me I’ll let you know my deepest details I will bare my soul For you to see me In plants, flowers, and time I will bare my soul […]

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  • Mirror Me

    Mirror Me

    A fresh soul, Mirrors me, Cold on earth, Warm in heaven, Connected, What is in heaven, is on earth, I don’t know what my soul thinks, But I feel its warm presence,  My soul reads my mind, I think, I see, I read, Mirrors me, Quiet my soul stays in front of me, But it […]

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  • A Dream

    A Dream

    A dream was reading my lines Written in blue ink, That dream transformed my lines in red ink   A sailboat in the sea approaches on the horizon at dawn, And the dream was trying to write in between my lines   Not sure if that dream was making corrections, Or was trying to tell […]

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  • Sansevieria


    Beautiful is Sword-like leaves Healthy glorious green Protecting with O2 🌿 How sad I was to find out One of you was turning yellow at the tips Water has not been your thing But some times it needs to be 🌧 I am glad that I saw you on time To care for your leaves […]

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  • Alive


    Remember those days, The rhythm goes and goes And as nothing is perfect Here we go, looking for answers It comes through Him, Let everything flow, And oh oh yeah, Come alive for you and me Faith, mercy, presence, Oh His Glory Trusting in The One above Alive Let me hug you, only for you […]

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  • Outside


    It is cold, Running a marathon, So my feelings are, As I enter in that sea I see the one who alters my heart I am happy to see him and he invites me to dive into the blue water Like a paradise, Blue and sun we make a splash He wants to go to […]

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  • Fantasy Land

    Fantasy Land

    A Fantasy Land I tell you here,A golden throne in pink clothFor a Queen,Waiting for his queen to take chargeTrees all aroundAnd a path to fantasy land Autumn scenery in the real worldBeautiful trail but closed A Christmas tree in a corner with its lights on,Blue, gold and red ornaments,The owner seems lonely Thank you […]

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  • Our Most Sweetest Verses

    Our Most Sweetest Verses

    If I can compose the most sweetest verses, Those will be for you, My LORD, You deserve my love as much as I deserve yours, I am worthy of your presence, And You worth more than anything, Like honey my verses taste your lips, And your mouth tells me, All what my heart and my […]

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  • Immortal


    He says: “I AM who I AM” “And I AM here again” My love is back, I can breath again Yahweh, Oh, Oh His Name, His Name Courage love, Here you come Drums will start, The violin plays a long note for him Angels I can see from earth to your place His Name, His […]

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  • Deep


    Quick, quick Fine to the touch, Unbreakable within, One of the 5455 wounds, I am waiting for heaven to open its doors, You let me in. So do I, And because I can’t hold this wound anymore Oh Sunshine come And I will quickly love, Oh so deep is our love, In a state of […]

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  • Your Lips

    Your Lips

    This passion is brimming over us, The anticipation of suffering is breaking me apart as it did with you long ago, And the doubts come and go, Reaffirming if you are. Looking him up, take this pain away from me My LORD, Inevitably is going to occur And I’ll accept the truth about you and […]

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  • The Tones for Love

    The Tones for Love

    Two long canvas that cover my wall, size of a door, They have the colours of love, One covered with blood, the other with honor, They are always covering my back , At my right, The Lamb, At my left, His Name, The black fedora hat they gave me, guards my mind, The piano guides […]

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  • Divine Guidance

    Divine Guidance

    Fedora Black Hat, I let my hair down, White V-neck batwings sleeve tee and blue jeans, As I was dancing this psychedelic soul melody song alone, In my living room He came over and kissed my lips, We danced til the end of the day, Tension was in between heaven and earth, Dark night landscape, […]

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  • Romantic Comedy

    Romantic Comedy

    But let me tell you, as much I like to speak with him He said: “Regardless of those who do not allow me to say the truth, they just like to have fun, stay with me” “Life is a Romantic Comedy, You are mine” He added It has been a difficult time but I have […]

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