Category: Covid-19

  • Reality or Fantasy

    In the amid of Coronavirus, it seems everything is going back to normal. Some businesses are reopening and some decided to wait until it is safe for them and let the public come out. Most of us that can not work at home if our employers decided to close for an undefined time or worse […]

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  • Suggested Habits

    With the situation that is happening around the world , we need to keep our minds and bodies healthy. Being isolated for a couple of weeks or months, makes us feel tired and frustrated. To stop this, we have to find healthy boundaries that allow us to keep us in balance, our mind is important […]

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  • Let’s play

    With so many games to play, we choose one to enjoy for the day. It is very educational, if you don’t like the name you can be creative and choose variations of it, and you can play with more than two people. This time it was time to play the popular board game, hangman. A […]

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  • Homeschooling

    Distance Learning started on Monday and my kids are acting a bit more silly or maybe they had too much chocolate. Distance learning looks fine. I have to be the teacher for one of them and the other one does his projects by himself. It’s incredible how productive we can be at home, my kids […]

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  • Madness or Pandemic

    I don’t know whether to say it is a pandemic or madness but I can say people it’s out of control. It is funny how normal people do not follow hygiene procedures but just when a new virus is introduced, everybody wants to disinfect and be clean. And what is the issue with the toilet […]

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