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  • My King

    My King

    🌷 A Cloudy day was, dispersing everything around, I vividly saw you from afar, You conquered death, Times passes, and I haven’t heard your voice, But in my mind and heart, your presence stay, Another restless night, and you came to calm me, A voice device was attached on your neck, to talk to me, […]

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  • Bête noire and The Blessing of God

    Bête noire and The Blessing of God

    Name it as you want, it introduces itself in different ways. She came and tried to enter but I did not let her in. She is hostile, and narcissist. Taking advantage of you, She is selfish and unethical. It does not matter what you did for her, She will blame you for her faults, As […]

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  • The Coming

    The Coming

    Stairs of clouds will drop from Heaven, Witnessing your coming, You are my soul’s desire, I will be waiting for you on the other side of that magnificent day to be together, Three alarms will sound, announcing the new era, no one else will hear them only the ones you called and those who are […]

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  • The One

    The One

    My only delight has been you,You’re in my thoughts,You’re in my heart,You made me yours. My worries have fadedbecause of you,You are the one, You kneel to talk to me,Gently and lovingly. You speak to my ear,Sweetly,Your word is honey for my lips. You’ve drawn me to youand the plans you have for both. You […]

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  • Holy Wedding

    Holy Wedding

    A bride; wearing an updo hair (no accessories) and in a beautiful, holy, feminine, white and modest wedding dress, nothing else to show, all adornments are modest. She is watching over her shoulder, her inner sanctuary. The place is surrounded by white tulips.Love enters in a white-grey tunic. He says; You are the perfect match, […]

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  • Ethereal Love

    Ethereal Love

    Two garments of like blue color, which belong to both of us. I was sitting there alone and suddenly you showed up by my side, taller than ever before. I had a lot of questions for you, one by one they were answered by you. Somehow I discovered myselfwith a demanding kiss, But I quickly […]

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