Glenda Soto-Gomez


Bête noire and The Blessing of God

Name it as you want, it introduces itself in different ways.

She came and tried to enter but I did not let her in.

She is hostile, and narcissist.

Taking advantage of you,

She is selfish and unethical.

It does not matter what you did for her,

She will blame you for her faults,

As they were yours.

I called My love, and apologized for I wanted to give up but his calm presence did not let me,

He encouraged me to love her and what she does, But Why? I always ask. It does not deserve our love but somehow it is part of us.

She is our bête noire.

I cried when I saw it and the only I could do was to accept it as it is, love her and let her go.

Yes, Love! The only way to overcome her.

I thought, I have lost My man but he reappeared, in his own unique way. I felt his love, and my passion for him rekindled the flame.

He is there with me, by my side.

Watching every step I do,

His penetrating and sweet gaze,

Was looking at me without blinking,

Following me from one side to the other of that foreign place,

Familiar at the horizon but unknown at the moment,

The one most desire, and the one that never thought to reach,

My sweet man,

I love his eyes and his smile,

The way he touches me,

I loved him since the beginning,

I love him now,

And I will love him eternally.

My sweet Yeshua,

He is the gift of God. Blessed you be always, My Love!

Thank you for Reading!

From My Version of Him, Between Heaven & Earth, 100 Poems. Bête Noire and The Blessing of God © Glenda Soto-Gomez

About Me

Hola, I’m Glenda! A thinker, writer, poetess and songwriter. My dedicated rhapsodies are built-in of three parts that consist in a Devotion, Sensuality and Irrational emotions or thoughts based on the tones, words and the visions that inspire me at dawn and dusk.

My writing is mere based in inspiration of visions, thoughts, emotions and passions for life and love.


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