Glenda Soto-Gomez

Rhapsodies, Poetry and Something else.

A Back-to-back to Chapter 1, and Some day

CHAPTER 1. Spiritual Warrior Princess

Living by the wound he left, when he came and cherished me with his presence. I was silenced by his authority, nothing else to say, just to love him and obey him, in silence. Now he is asking me to talk and I can’t put in words what he wants from me to express.

Who am I?

Deyanira, I saw his lips calling me that way. We were in a huge palace, a meeting was set up that day, it was only for men, but I was the only woman between them. When we entered that place we were together but as we were getting into we got separate ways. He was there dressing in a white-gray tunic surrounded by other important men from that era and a big long table separated us, from the other side of the table I saw him gazing at me and he pronounced my name, just to me nobody else listened or saw.

In present time, I could see him and hear him but I couldn’t see him moving his lips. Now in this very moment there is a change of course, I can feel him and see him, even I can look at his lips communicating to me.

Deyanira, she was a princess at that time. She stares into the horizon. She is always thoughtful and quiet, relaxed but when he enters in her life, she only wants to talk to him, she is different when he is close, she is always moving and wants to know everything. He stays quiet when she talks and he always smile, she even makes him laugh and he is happy with her.

I don’t know why you call me that way, but I can see myself in her. In fact, I was her.

I am there dressed in a white goddess dress, with a simple but elegant crown, I am waiting for him to appear. It seems there is a close relationship between him and me. He wants to win my heart and I do want to win his.

All kinds of questions I had for him, he was answering every one of them.

I lost myself in his presence, I could feel his kisses and his hugs. I could feel his deep sight in me. It is like he is observing me, and watching every step I make.

Her life shifted once he left to do his work, while this happened she was alone to learn by herself about the world and the people in it.

It was a long journey, a lot of learning until he reappears in my life and shows me our past, our present and our future.

I didn’t understand why me, why all the images, why the questions. If everything was already said, a story already told, an image already knew and I had to find the truth.

The truth about me and him, and still I cannot believe it.


Some Day

It’s here and there,
Inside or outside,
Where you wanted to be
But less where it has to be
In 2019
I hate it, ah ah ah

And you’re saying words that I didn’t meant
Breaking my heart, oh oh
You wanted to be
And left me in sadness and tears
You did wrongs
That are hard to admit

Watch your heart and see around,
I did what I could for loving you
But less you care
Eh eh eh
It’s okay, okay,
I’m finally relieved gradually

But some day
Some day
I will be the same
And I am going to have faith and believe
In what you took that year
When I died in the Sistine chapel

It’s strange all what I felt
In 2019
Taking care of me
And my family
But some day, some day
I will be the same

I will resurrected from the above
In the arms of the one
Who saw me going there
To say hello
Here I am, somewhere
In your heart, oh oh

Glenda Soto-Gomez