New chapter

A new chapter in my life began today. I hope this one will be amazing, filled with joy and success.

I am so grateful to take bold actions to follow what I am passionate about.

It was not easy but I had to do it in order to find my purpose in life.

It haven’t been easy to focus with all the global crisis around but I am trying my best to improve in my personal goals and projects even if it’s required to do it from home.

Talking about home, trying to concentrate on with kids here, is kind of tricky but we are doing fine. We just need to find a balance.

While everything is going on, I am learning, studying and improving in whatever I need, to get better results.

“If you never take a risk, you will never know what changes you need to make”- Paulo Coehlo

Freedom to choose one’s state in life

Thank you for Reading!

Glenda Soto-Gomez

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