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Today, I couldn’t find inspiration to do the menu for the cafeteria.

I was walking around, checking what could be good for March but nothing came out. Then my coworkers started to serve and I offered help to deliver food carts at lunch time.

When I was on the second floor on my way back to the kitchen I found Lisa, she was eating a cookie and offered to share some with me, I told her that was so kind of her. Of course she was just playing. She gave me an idea with the cookie she was eating so when I came back to the office, the first thing I did was look for pictures about cookies.

And Voila! I have created the menu.

© Cookie Inspiration Menu

This will probably be my last menu for them. I wonder what kind of adventure awaits me.

“What you seek is seeking you”- Rumi

Thank you for Reading!

Glenda Soto-Gomez

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