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  • Epic Rhapsody 2nd… (Randomly selected)

    Epic Rhapsody 2nd… (Randomly selected)

    Dark blue on the firmament, There is a whole universe, Wild figures flying Fighting for love, Between the thin layer Of the spectrum A brave heart  Introduced himself, Hello, Señorita, Let me say that I’ve been loving you All my life The Last of The Braves He winks and hold my elbows In anticipation Cherish…

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  • A Back-to-back to Chapter 1, and Some day

    A Back-to-back to Chapter 1, and Some day

    Today I’m sharing a part of my reality or what was. From my Version of Him, Between Heaven and Earth, “a part of Chapter 1” and from 300 In The Privacy of the Time, into the unknown, “Some day”. Enjoy, blessings and success! CHAPTER 1. Spiritual Warrior Princess Living by the wound he left, when…

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  • Heart to Heart

    Posting simultaneously. Playing the tones, touching your heart with mine while I focus in my mind and hands, you play the classic dark by my side. Like a child heart to heart loving the picture of that time, gentle kisses, revealing a secret that I can’t tell about. Deep gaze of the two of us,…

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  • Ocean of Love

    Happy Valentine’s Day! On this beautiful day, type your love Ocean of Love   Typing out… What really matters, A field in the middle of the sun, Oh, Darling, Waves in the sea, We are each other’s crush, Oh uh oh Ocean of Love I can’t show it off, Oh uh oh   But our…

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Love has no Remedy

“My love, walk with confidence, Let the wind blows wherever it wants, Life is just a romantic comedy.”

— My Version of Him, Between Heaven and Earth, 100 Poems. Glenda Soto-Gomez

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