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  • In the glory of your arms (En la gloria de tus brazos)

    If I am awarded with the glory of have youOh love by your sideMoving mountains on timeGreen and blueTasting the airBreathing your loveI can feel your heart to mineIn another world We are flowers bloomingEager to loveAnd I can’t waitOhAnd I can’t waitTo run directly to your arms Si soy premiada con la gloria de […]

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  • The and Those

    The and Those

    The and Those, In this irrational night, Broken visions come and go Those Icy lands Can’t submerge in synergies And as a globe in the sky flies high The, it trespasses on the trunk part of Those But when The and Those land on the big tree, The, It stays behind of Those Alarms sound […]

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  • The Globe echoes

    The wind took away the words, He has them enclosed in a Christmas Globe With a red rose and our hearts Merry Christmas! With my daughter and my crazy hair Glenda Soto-Gomez

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  • Happy Thanksgiving!

    As the year starts to end, I would like to have a moment to say thank you to all that was, is and would be. Thank you to all that couldn’t be because they taught me more about me and allowed the change within that was expected to grow in the beautiful soul I am […]

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Love has no Remedy

“My love, walk with confidence, Let the wind blows wherever it wants, Life is just a romantic comedy.”

— My Version of Him, Between Heaven and Earth, 100 Poems. Glenda Soto-Gomez

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